Behind the Debates: What Did Mohammed Hijab Study? Explore His Academic Background

Mohammed Hijab, a prominent figure in the world of Islamic scholarship and public discourse, has gained widespread recognition for his insightful perspectives on Islam and current affairs. Beyond his articulate speeches and engaging debates, Hijab’s academic journey is equally noteworthy, marked by an impressive array of degrees from prestigious institutions.

What Did Mohammed Hijab Study?

PhD in Progress – University of Birmingham

Mohammed Hijab is currently pursuing a Doctorate at the University of Birmingham, a testament to his commitment to furthering his academic pursuits. While specific details about his doctoral research may not be widely known, the pursuit of a PhD signifies a deep dedication to scholarly endeavors.

MTH in Applied Theology – University of Oxford

Hijab holds a Master of Theology (MTH) degree in Applied Theology from the prestigious University of Oxford. This qualification showcases his engagement with theological studies at an advanced level, reflecting a nuanced understanding of the application of theological principles.

MA in Islamic Studies – SOAS University London

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London awarded Mohammed Hijab a Master of Arts in Islamic Studies. This academic achievement indicates a comprehensive exploration of Islamic thought, culture, and history.

MA in History – Queen Mary University of London

Hijab’s academic journey includes a Master of Arts in History from Queen Mary University of London. This background in history enriches his perspectives, allowing him to contextualize contemporary issues within a broader historical framework.

BA in Politics – Queen Mary University of London

Before delving into advanced studies, Mohammed Hijab earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Queen Mary University of London. This foundational education likely contributed to his understanding of political dynamics, a crucial aspect of his analyses in debates and discussions.

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BA in Islamic Sciences – Al-Azhar (Completing)

Mohammed Hijab is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sciences from Al-Azhar, one of the world’s most renowned institutions for Islamic education. This ongoing pursuit signifies his dedication to traditional Islamic scholarship.


Mohammed Hijab’s academic journey reflects a diverse and comprehensive exploration of theology, history, politics, and Islamic sciences. The combination of degrees from institutions such as the University of Oxford, SOAS University London, and Al-Azhar underscores his commitment to gaining a multifaceted understanding of the subjects he engages with.

As he continues his doctoral studies, Hijab’s academic background remains a solid foundation for his role as an influential voice in the intersection of Islam, theology, and contemporary issues.

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