Ardalan Esmaili Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, And More

Ardalan Esmaili Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, And More

Ardalan Esmaili, born on March 22, 1986, in Tehran, the capital of Iran, later found his calling in the world of Swedish theater and film. He grew up in the scenic province of Västerbotten in Sweden, which became the backdrop to his journey in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Ardalan Esmaili?

Date of Birth22 March 1986
Age37 Years
Birth PlaceTehran, Iran
Language SpokenEnglish, and Swedish
Father(will update soon)
Mother(will update soon)
Siblings(will update soon)
Brother(will update soon)
SpouseEvin Ahmad
Weight70 Kg (154 lbs)
Height5″8 In (172 cm)
Net Worth$2M million

Career Beginnings

After completing his education at Stockholm University, Esmaili made waves in the theater world. His breakthrough came with his performance in the one-person play, “No Title,” which graced the stage at the Stockholm Civic Theatre, drawing widespread attention.

Subsequently, Ardalan Esmaili’s talent led him to a role at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Sweden’s national theater, situated in Stockholm.

Television and Film

Esmaili’s versatility extended to television, where he portrayed the character Iyad in the TV series “Greyzone – No Way Out.” His work in the film industry included a role in “Sea Fever” directed by Neasa Hardiman.


In 2019, Ardalan Esmaili’s star continued to rise, as he was honored as a European Shooting Star at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).

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Personal Life

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Esmaili shares his life with the renowned Swedish writer, host, and actress, Evin Ahmad. Their partnership is a testament to their shared love for the arts and entertainment.

Filmography (Selected)

  • 2007: “Ett-Två-Tre Martyr!” (Short Film)
  • 2016: “Kommissar Beck” (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2017: “The Charmer” (Charmören)
  • 2017–2020: “Rebecka Martinsson” (TV Series, 9 Episodes)
  • 2018: “Greyzone – No Way Out” (Greyzone, TV Series, 10 Episodes)
  • 2019: “Ser du månen, Daniel”
  • 2019: “Domino
  • 2019: “Angriff aus der Tiefe” (Sea Fever)
  • 2022: “Operation Schwarze Krabbe” (Svart krabba)
  • 2023: “A Beautiful Life”


  • Bodil: Nominated for Best Leading Actor for “Charmören” (2019)
  • Berlin International Film Festival: Awarded European Shooting Star (2019)

Ardalan Esmaili’s journey from Tehran to the stages of Sweden is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the world of entertainment. His story is one of rising prominence in theater and film, solidifying his place as a noteworthy figure in the industry.

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